Whether you’re in the teen or masters division, competing in a show might represent the first or last time you ever step onstage.  Some of you might compete more than 20 times in your life, while others might do it only once.

Preparing for a contest requires a great personal investment of time, energy and money.  The process usually changes lives irrevocably for the better.

Regardless, though you will never look the way you did for that specific show ever again.  Some might improve considerably, while others might not.  But the toll contest prep takes on your life and your body can’t be underestimated…not to mention the financial expense.  

You spend money on entrance fee, tanning, competition suit, hair & makeup (women) and travel, in many cases.  Sometimes you win and get that sought after adrenaline rush of victory.  Sometimes you receive trophies and swords. 

However, the further removed you are from being on stage, usually you’re left with only memories.  

You deserve much more than just memories from the show.  Preserve and reward your hard work with the highest quality professional images showcasing you at your best.  The actual amount of time you’re onstage is insignificant compared to the time you spend preparing.

That’s why JMI-Jason Mathas ImagingTM is committed to Creating Timeless Visual MemoriesTM so your brief time onstage (and in top shape) will last forever.


Jason Mathas